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Workplace Accidents

Certain workplaces carry inherent injury risks, but even workers on seemingly safe job sites can suffer serious injuries because of accidents caused by another party’s negligence. Many employers in Texas participate in the state’s workers’ compensation system, which means that injured workers are entitled to compensation regardless of fault but they are prohibited from filing lawsuits against their employers.

Workers’ compensation can be a challenge to obtain, and it is rarely enough for many victims even when it is awarded. In certain cases, it may be possible that a third party other than the employer was at fault for a person’s injuries, and could thus be liable for damages.

Workplace Accident Attorneys in Houston, TX

Did you suffer catastrophic injuries or was your loved one killed in a workplace accident in Harris County? You will want to contact The Gonzalez Law Group as soon as possible. Call (832) 530-4070 right now to have our lawyers provide a complete evaluation of your case during a free, confidential consultation.

Overview of Workplace Accidents in Harris County

Types of Workplace Accidents in Texas

Millions of residents in Texas work jobs in hundreds of different industries. Certain injuries can be very specific to the job duties of a profession, while other accidents can occur in virtually any office or workspace.

Common kinds of workplace accidents in Texas include, but are not limited to:

Third-Party Liability for Workplace Accidents in Harris County

The same prohibition on lawsuits against employers relating to work-related injuries does not apply to other parties. In other words, if a person suffers a serious injury because of another party’s negligence, that party could be liable for damages.

In some cases, another co-worker could be at fault, but other cases can be far more complex. When a person is injured on the job as the result of a defective piece of machinery, for example, the person or business that manufactured the product or the person or business responsible for maintaining it could be liable.

Examples of possible third parties could include, but are not limited to:

  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Maintenance Providers
  • Contractors / Subcontractors
  • Drivers
  • Landowners
  • Distributors / Suppliers
  • Other Individuals

Workplace Accident Resources in Texas

Texas Workforce Commission — The TWC is the state agency charged with overseeing and providing workforce development services to employers and job seekers of Texas. Visit this website to read recent news, learn about upcoming events, and find answers to frequently asked questions. You can also find information about employee rights and laws.

Workplace Safety | Texas Department of Insurance — On this section of the Texas Department of Insurance website, you can find various kinds of safety and health information. Access safety awards and programs, safety tips, and Texas occupational injury, illness and fatality data. You can also find the phone number to contact the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) Safety Violations Hotline if you need to report unsafe working conditions or violations of safety regulations or you can report the hazard online.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) — OSHA was created to assure safe and healthful conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and providing training, outreach, education and compliance assistance. Use this website to learn about worker rights or file a safety and health complaint or whistleblower complaint. You can also find information about law, regulations, and training requirements.

Workplace Accident Attorneys in Houston, TX

If you were seriously injured or your loved one was killed in a workplace accident in Southeast Texas, it is in your best interest to immediately retain legal counsel. The Gonzalez Law Group helps individuals throughout Harris County, Friendswood, Pearland, Seabrook, League City, Deer Park, Pasadena, La Porte, Galena Park, Baytown, and many others.

Our personal injury lawyers in Houston can conduct a thorough investigation of your accident and work to ensure that all negligent parties are held fully accountable. You can have our attorneys review your case and answer all of your legal questions as soon as you call (832) 530-4070 or submit an online contact form to set up a free initial consultation.

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