Case Results

Criminal Defense Case Results

  • False Accusation of Injury to Child – Dismissed:
    Client falsely accused of causing serious injury to a baby while babysitting. Represented client before CPS and before felony court. Client’s children were unfairly removed from the home. After many months of aggressive defense strategies, lawyers were able to close the CPS investigation and dismiss the felony charges against her, reuniting the family with her own children for a successful outcome. The client was super happy and her children and husband too.
  • Domestic Violence – Two Charges Dismissed:
    Represented man in successive charges of domestic violence (assault against a family member) after being falsely accused by his wife in Galveston County twice, and was able to get both cases dismissed. The second case was summarily dismissed on the first court date. The client was extremely happy.
  • False Accusation of Indecency with Child – Dismissed (No Bill):
    Client falsely accused of inappropriately touching a child got charged with felony case in Harris County. Able to convince Grand Jury to dismiss and close case, absolving client of all fault in the case.
  • Continuous Assault of a Family Member – Dismissed (No Bill):
    February 2019
    Client was falsely accused of committing domestic violence on several instances. Client had to wait in jail for his case to be resolved because of an immigration hold. With the help of Client and his loved ones, the attorney and criminal department staff were able to strategize and promptly convince a Grand Jury to dismiss the charge. Client’s criminal record remains clean as he now heads to Immigration Court.
  • Murder – Convicted on lesser charge of Criminally Negligent Homicide:
    February 2019
    Client was detained on a 15-year-old charge for approximately one year and a half. Our team fought during client’s jury trial and was able to get a verdict on a lower charge with no additional prison time!
  • Assault of a Family Member – Dismissed:  
    April 2019
    Client was charged with Assault (Domestic Violence) against his wife. Our team was able to show hard evidence against the false allegations and were able to have case DISMISSED.
  • Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child – Dismissed (No Bill):
    August 2019
    20-year-old client erroneously charged with Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child. Our team fought zealously for over half a year and was able to get a NO BILL at client’s Grand Jury session.  Client is now petitioning for a full expunction of his arrest records.
  • Two charges of Sexual Assault of a Child – Community Supervision:
    September 2019
    Client had two charges of Sexual Assault of a Child. Attorneys battled the State in a Sentencing Hearing and were able to get client NO prison time.

Immigration Case Results

      • Humanitarian Parole
        Results: Parole Approval
        Date: May 30, 2018
        Information: Client married a United States citizen in 2010 and had an approved I-130. The client was applying for her I-601A, Provisional Waiver when she was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. Due to a lack of health insurance, the client decided to return to Mexico and seek medical treatment for her cancer. Client’s health quickly deteriorated, and the client was eventually told by doctors in Mexico that no other treatment could be provided. Due to the severity and stage of her cancer, the client decided to pursue a different treatment option in the United States. Client’s husband was able to find an oncologist who would take the client’s case. Humanitarian Parole was received by USCIS on May 1, 2018, and approval for client’s Humanitarian Parole was sent on May 30, 2018.
      • Bond Hearing
        Results: Bond Approval
        Date: June 5, 2018
        Information: Client was detained by ICE agents after a case of mistaken identity. The client was pulled over and was told by undercover ICE agents that he was under arrest. The client was not told why he was under arrest but rather asked who lived in his house. After repeating several times that his wife and children lived in his house, ICE agents obtained the client’s identifications and realized they had the wrong individual. Although it was a case of mistaken identity, ICE agents arrested client and client was sent to a deportation center. Client’s family hired our team to represent the client in Immigration Court on June 5, 2018, and client’s Bond was approved that day.
      • 42B, Cancellation of Removal
        Results: 42B Approval
        Date: June 4, 2018
        Information: Client was arrested for a DWI in 2017 and was later transferred to an immigration detention facility. Client’s prior records showed a previous arrest in 2016 for aggravated assault. The client had an immigration bond hearing in September 2017 but was denied. The client had two underage USC children, one of which had an array of illnesses. 42B for the client was prepared filed with the court. On October 24, 2017, client’s 42B was approved and on June 4, 2018, the client received his Lawful Permanent Resident Card.
      • Court – Asylum 
        Results: Approval
        Date: December 19, 2019
        Our team represented client on his Asylum case for family of four. Client is from Venezuela. He was politically persecuted and shot. We were able to get his asylum granted in the U.S. Client and his family can apply for their permanent resident status in one year.
      • Adjustment of Status (AOS)
        Results: Approval
        Date: February 20, 2020
        Represented client on the Adjustment of Status process spouse of U.S. Citizen. Client’s petition was filed in June 2019. Client attended their Adjustment of Status interview at USCIS in February 2020 and got approved. Client will be receiving his LPR card in 2 weeks and is very happy.
      • Adjustment of Status (AOS)
        Results: Approval
        Date: February 20, 2020
        Our team represented client on his 245(i) process through USC daughter. We attended Adjustment of Status interview at USCIS with client on February 2020. Client’s adjustment of status application was approved. Client is very happy and should be receiving his LPR card in 2 weeks.
      • Bond Hearing
        Results: Bond Approval
        Date: October 22, 2019
        Cuban client was detained in Louisiana requesting asylum. Our team represented him before the Immigration court and got a $5,000 bond granted.
      • Consular Process
        Results: Approval
        Date: September 24, 2019
        Client hired for Consular Process for wife of U.S. Citizen. Applicant attended consular interview in Dominican Republic. Consular Officer requested that she appear for a 2nd interview with her husband. Clients received the proper preparation for both of their consular interviews.  Client’s attended consular interview in September 2019 and everything went well, and case was approved. Applicant is now in the United States with her husband.
      • I-751 Waiver
        Results: Approval
        Date: December 10, 2019
        We represented client in his removal proceeding before the Immigration Court. Client was placed in removal proceedings because of issues with his I-751 application. We filed a Motion to Terminate with the court since client has now received his LPR card. Client is very happy with our services.
      • Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID)
        Results: Response
        Date: February 13, 2020
        Client applied for Adjustment of Status through his US Citizen wife on his own. Client was issued a Request for Evidence (RFE) for income verification followed by a Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) for his case. Our team represented client to respond to both notices. Client’s Notice of Intent to Deny was issued because of insufficient proof to establish a bona-fide. Our team worked diligently to help client gather enough documentary evidence to prove up his bona-fide marriage. We also worked with client to complete a brief in support of his case. Response to the Notice of Intent to Deny was filed in January 2020. Client Adjustment of Status application was approved one month later. Client has received his LPR card, he is very happy with our services and plans on returning to hire our legal team for the adjustment of status for his children.

    Probate Case Results

            • Temporary Administration
              Applicant (client) initiated a lawsuit on behalf of his deceased spouse against Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder alleging that their products caused the plaintiff to suffer cancer which ultimately resulted in her death. Court paperwork showing client as the personal administrator, executor, or legal representative of the estate was required. Failure to have such documentation in a timely manner would ultimately result in the claim against Johnson & Johnson being dismissed. The attorneys at Gonzalez Law Group were able to get the Probate Court to issue letters of temporary administration in a timely manner preventing client’s lawsuit from being dismissed and allowing the client to have the standing to bring suit against Johnson & Johnson.
            • Independent Administration and Heirship proceeding
              The decedent was murdered by her husband without leaving a will. Per the intestacy rules, her husband was considered an heir of her intestate estate. The attorneys at the Gonzalez Law Group were able to successfully argue that, due to the Texas constructive trust principle, Decedent’s husband should not be entitled to inherit from the Decedent’s Estate.
            • Independent Administration and Heirship proceeding
              Decedent passed without a will, leaving two children and a common law spouse. Common law spouse was attempting to be appointed co-administrator of Decedent’s intestate estate. The attorneys at the Gonzalez Law Group, through their diligent legal research, were able to discover that the common law wife had an extensive criminal history, disqualifying her eligibility to serve as a co-administrator of the estate. Due to this discovery, the decedent’s children were able to peacefully and amicably distribute their father’s intestate estate.

    Family Law Case Results

        • Divorce with hotly contested custody issue:
          Navarro County, Texas. Our office represented the Respondent, the wife, in a rare jury trial in rural Texas. Although Petitioner was a well known local businessman and our client was new to the area, our attorneys highlighted Petitioner’s shortcomings as both a husband and a father, his explosive nature, and the jury returned a verdict in favor of our client. Our client won primary custody of her son.
        • Child Support Enforcement:
          Harris County. Our client had been incarcerated twice and was unable to maintain his child support obligations during times of incarceration. As a result, he owed over $14,000.00 in back child support and was facing incarceration for non-payment. Our client came in with his pregnant wife extremely worried about them. Our attorneys gave him the appropriate legal counsel prior to his court date, and our client was able to avoid incarceration and was given a payment plan that will allow him to catch up with his arrearages over time. He is extremely grateful that he will now maintain his liberty and will be able to witness the birth of his child.
        • Plea to the Jurisdiction:
          Harris County. Client lives across the country, had no orders in place establishing custody, possession, and access of her two children. She allowed one child to come to Houston to spend time with her father, a resident of Houston. He refused to send the child back to our client and filed a custody suit in Harris County. Our firm was retained to have the Harris County suit dismissed so that our client could file in her home state, in order to save her money, time, and to avoid the stress of constant travel to fight for the custody of her child. Our attorneys filed the appropriate motions, the case was heard, and the judge found in favor of our client, dismissing the case in Harris County. Our client has since filed for custody in her home state, so that her daughter may remain in school and be united with her little brother.

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