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Stalking in Texas: definitions and criminal consequences

Like many Texas residents, you have heard about the term “stalking,” but you may be confused as to what, exactly, qualifies as stalking behavior. Much of what we see on television shows and social media trivializes actual stalking or assigns a humorous aspect to it. For example, a co-worker might jokingly say you are stalking…
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You can still suffer injuries in a low-speed collision

Most of the time, car accidents that make the news involve death or significant injuries. Take the recent case of an eight-year-old girl who suffered severe injuries due to a head-on collision that authorities attributed to distracted driving. Plenty of car accidents occur every day around Texas, but thankfully most of them are not as extreme. They typically involve…
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Steps to take after a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents are extremely dangerous. The rider does not have as much protection as a motorist, but many riders do manage to walk away from these incidents with minimal injuries. Take the recent case of a Texas man who collided with an SUV and walked away with only a few scratches. No matter how you feel directly…
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Protecting your child from heavy furniture and appliances

A few weeks ago, a young girl died when a wall mirror at a Payless ShoeSource store fell on top of her. This tragic incident illustrated the dangers of heavy objects insecurely mounted on walls or within the reach of young children, where they may fall on top of them. It is crucial for you and other Texas…
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The Gonzalez Law Group is Top Sponsor in 29th Annual Race Against Violence 5k

This past weekend, members of The Gonzalez Law Group, PLLC demonstrated that efforts to combat injustice in our community do not end at the courthouse! The firm was a top sponsor of the Houston Area Women’s Center’s yearly Race Against Violence 5k (hyperlink it to Funds donated by The Gonzalez Law Group will be…
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In Texas, a DWI conviction is costly in more ways than one

If you think you are in good enough shape to drive after having a few drinks with friends, you run the risk of being stopped by law enforcement on suspicion of drunk driving. In the state of Texas, a conviction for driving while intoxicated comes with harsh penalties—and not only in terms of the fines…
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Did police catch you with pot in Houston?

If the police arrested you on drug charges, now is the time to gather your resources and plan a clear-headed strategy for how to move forward. Drug possession charges carry steep penalties, and the risks to your future are serious. Especially if this is your first time facing drug possession charges, you should inform yourself…
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Hidden injuries you should watch for after a car accident

As a Houston resident, you are no stranger to car accident reports. You may also see your share of them as you travel back and forth between school, home and work. As often as you see victims carrying on with their lives like their accidents never happened, there is always the possibility of them having…
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Roof collapses can cause unexpected damages

When Texans think about injuries and negligence, roof collapses are likely not the first cause they think of. Rather, they may often imagine, read or hear on the news about car and truck accidents, which certainly do cause many injuries and even fatalities. However, structural problems due to lack of maintenance, defective construction, incompetent repair work…
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What to look for in a criminal defense attorney

Finding yourself charged with a crime is quite possibly one of the most serious events you will face in your life. It can be intimidating to understand your next steps, as well as your legal rights and obligations regarding the particular charges you face. This is one moment in life when you should seek out…
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