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Executory Contracts en Transacciones Inmobiliarias bajo las Leyes de Texas

Al comprar bienes raíces con financiamiento, el Comprador puede acudir a un tercero o al Vendedor. En muchas transacciones inmobiliarias, la propiedad y posesión de un bien son transmitidos del Vendedor al Comprador en la fecha de Cierre; pero, en ciertas transacciones, especialmente cuando el financiamiento corre a cargo del Vendedor, la posesión se le…
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Executory Contracts in Real Estate Transactions under Texas Law

When purchasing real property in which financing is involved, the Buyer may seek financing from a third party or from the Seller. In many real estate transactions, title and possession of the real property are delivered from Seller to Buyer by a Closing date. However, n certain transactions, especially when financing is provided by the…
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Por Kevin Acevedo of The Gonzalez Law Group, PLLC Luego que el Huracán Harvey golpeó a Texas con lluvias e inundaciones de proporciones históricas, millones de personas están intentando reconstruir sus vidas y restaurar sus propiedades. Pero durante este largo periodo de recuperación, muchas personas serán investigadas y algunos serán acusados por las autoridades de…
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Criminal convictions and immigration status

Facing criminal charges can be a serious matter for anyone. Defendants who are not U.S. citizens may also face immigration concerns in addition to other consequences in the event of a conviction. Generally, an immigrant may face deportation and bans on future entry into the country based on convictions for so-called crimes involving moral turpitude….
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After Hurricane Harvey, many may be accused of fraud and related criminal charges

By Kevin Acevedo of The Gonzalez Law Group, PLLC After Hurricane Harvey hit Texas with rain and floods of historic proportions, millions of people are now attempting to rebuild their lives and restore their property. But during this long period of recovery, many people will be investigated and some will be accused by authorities of…
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What constitutes animal cruelty in Texas?

Animal cruelty is a serious criminal offense. The state of Texas has strong laws on the books about what constitutes animal cruelty. Most people are familiar with the basic definition, which can include animal fighting and physical abuse. However, there are other forms of cruelty that could land a person in jail. Whether a person owns pets or livestock,…
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4 most common types of workplace injuries

When a person suffers an injury as a result of another’s negligence, immediate action is necessary. The state of Texas has a statute of limitation of two years on personal injury cases. While personal injury cases can come about as a result of car accidents and dog bites, many occur every year at people’s places of work. People should…
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Robbery or burglary charges are different but serious

Most people use the words theft, burglary and robbery interchangeably. In the legal world, theft encompasses many crimes, such as shoplifting, burglary, robbery and petty theft. Although the distinctions are often small, the consequences for one of these crimes can be life-changing, even for first offenders. In Texas Penal Code § 29.02, robbery is when a…
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