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Bus Accidents

A bus accident may be less common than a regular vehicle accident, but they still happen, and if you’ve been hurt in one, you need an experienced Houston bus accident lawyer on your side. Contact The Gonzalez Law Group if you suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a bus accident. We are on your side, and we are here to fight for you.

Do I Need a Houston Bus Accident Lawyer?

If you have been injured in a bus accident, pursuing liability isn’t always easy. There are many parties who may be responsible for such an accident. In some cases, it may be the bus driver. However, it can also be the manufacturer of the bus or a number of other parties. You can depend on the Houston personal injury attorneys here at The Gonzalez Law Group to help you explore your legal options.

Bus Regulations & Laws

The National Bus Regulations, including school bus regulations, are as follows:

  • Bus drivers must carry a Commercial Driver’s License
  • If the bus driver is impaired, he or she cannot drive a bus
  • The bus driver must be free of intoxication (drugs or alcohol) prior to driving a bus
  • School buses must carry liability insurance complying with general liability regulations
  • School buses must carry signal lamps that display flashing red lights
  • The bus driver must be secured by a seatbelt, although its passengers may not be required a seatbelt
  • The speed limit for school buses in Texas is 55 mph on the interstate and 50 mph on any other highway

Pursuing Liability for a Bus Accident Injury

If you are were injured because your bus driver failed to follow bus regulations and caused an accident, you are most likely entitled to compensation. You should also note, however, that at times, bus accidents may be caused by defective bus parts, in which case you may have a valid product liability claim. Typically, those injured in bus accidents will take one of two routes when pursuing compensation:

  • Negligence & Gross Negligence: An individual may be liable for an accident when they fail to follow a “duty of care,” which is otherwise known as negligence. The driver or the company/school representing the bus and bus driver may be put to blame if the choices made on their part showed negligence. Gross negligence can be attributed to an accident where an individual performed a reckless act. An intoxicated school bus driver, for example, may be attributed to gross negligence in an accident for choosing to act recklessly in the situation.
  • Product Liability: Product liability should always be considered when investigating bus accidents. Bus accidents are not always directly attributed to the driver but to the automobile itself. If the bus had some error in its design, mechanics, or manufacturing, then the case can result in a product liability case. In this case, the liability can be directed back to the manufacturer of the bus itself, not necessarily the transportation company.

If you’ve been hurt in a bus accident, you shouldn’t wait to speak with an experienced Houston bus accident lawyer who can help ensure you file your claim within the state’s statute of limitations.

Contact a Houston Bus Accident Lawyer

Although the number of bus accidents is lower than other types of auto accidents, they are still a large concern. Those who are most vulnerable are often occupants in buses such as children and elderly people. At The Gonzalez Law Group, we can help pursue the injuries that were caused as a result of a bus accident. Bus accidents can cause severe injuries due to the size of the vehicle and the number of occupants inside. Injuries lead to high hospital bills and long-term healthcare costs. At The Gonzalez Law Group, we do not settle on the first offer but fight for you the most favorable settlement on your behalf. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation with our firm.

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