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Every day, hundreds of noncitizens are detained at airports across the United States, and George Bush Intercontinental and Hobby Airport are no exception. Customs and Border Patrol routinely run background checks at airports on nonimmigrant visa holders and lawful permanent residents.

When a non-citizen is arrested at the airport, Customs usually has found they have been convicted of a crime that makes him or her prohibited from re-entry into the United States. The individual may be detained at the airport for several hours while Customs determine if the noncitizen should be deported.

If you or someone you love has recently been arrested at a Houston airport, you should contact an immigration attorney at The Gonzalez Law Group as soon as possible. Our attorneys are experienced with airport arrest and they will fight to protect your rights and get you back into the United States.

Call our firm today at (832) 530-4070 or submit your information in our online form for a free case evaluation. We proudly assist clients with immigration issues in communities throughout Harris County including Pearland, Baytown, Seabrook, La Porte, Pasadena, Galena Park, Friendswood and numerous others.

Overview of Airport Arrest in Houston, TX

What to Do it You are Detained at the Airport

Many lawful permanent residents and visa holders have been able to travel in and out of the United States many times before they are detained by immigration at the airport. Just because you are arrested, though, doesn’t mean that you will be deported.

Being arrested at the airport can be a nerve-racking experience, but it is important that you remain calm. If your loved one is the person who has been arrested, you should contact them and instruct them to be cautious about making statements to government officials. Just like criminal cases, statements made by a defendant can be used against them.

Customs officials often make mistakes when charging someone with inadmissibility, so it’s important to contact an experienced immigration attorney as soon as possible.

Why was I Arrested at the Airport?

There are many reasons a lawful permanent resident or visa holder is arrested at the airport. The first, since Customs has greater access to your criminal history and may find that you or your loved one has been charged with crimes in the past that now prohibit entry into the United States.

The Department of Homeland Security regularly updates their policies on whom to detain and who to put through the removal proceedings. Similar to prosecutors in criminal court, immigration officers have an immense amount of discretion when it comes to which case to pursue.

Other reason someone may be arrested at the airport include:

  • Having abandoned status
  • Left the United States for more than six months
  • Committed an illegal act outside of the United States
  • Having an expired visa

If a Customs officer determines a person falls into any of the above categories and is inadmissible into the United States, the officer may decide to place the detainee in removal or deportation proceedings. The Customs officer will decide if the detainee should be sent to ICE for further detention or to be released on bond.

The ICE and Customs officers may have the first word on whether the detainee should be deported, but they do not have the last word. There are many ways to beat immigration charges, so you or your loved one should not assume you will be deported without question.

Additional Airport Arrest Resources in Houston, TX

Rights When Encountering Law Enforcement – The American Civil Liberties Union provides a Q&A booklet addressing an individual’s rights when they are stopped or questioned by law enforcement. Some of the questions include the type of officer you could encounter at the airport, if they have the right to ask about immigration status or what to do if you believe you are being singled out.

What to Do If you are Arrested or Detained by Immigration– The National Immigration Law Center provides information on what to do when you are arrested or detained by immigration. Some of the information includes not signing anything without speaking to a lawyer, your right to a lawyer and remaining silent.

Lawyer for Airport Arrest in Houston, TX

The best thing to do when you or a loved one is arrested at the airport is to speak with an experienced immigration attorney. By choosing The Gonzalez Law Group, you can rest assured that we will fight to keep you in the United States and achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

Call The Gonzalez Law Group today at (832) 530-4070 or submit your information in our online form for a free case consultation. We assist clients in communities that include Pearland, Baytown, Seabrook, La Porte, Pasadena, Galen Park, Friendswood and numerous others.

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