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THC Concentrates

A new mechanism for marijuana consumption includes the concentration of specific parts of the plant turned into extremely potent oils. These oils, otherwise known as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) concentrates, possess more THC than even a large amount of good quality marijuana. The laws regarding THC concentrates are much stricter, and even a slight amount of THC in your possession could get you a felony charge. If you or someone you know has been charged with possession or delivery of THC Concentrates, it is vitally important that you reach out to qualified legal representation.

Even as public attitudes around marijuana become more favorable, laws in states like Texas continue to consider marijuana a controlled substance with a high potential for abuse. You require a legal team of experts in handling cases involving THC concentrates. The Gonzalez Law Group has experience in the overall legal defense of marijuana consumption.

The Gonzalez Law Group is proud of their dedication towards their clients and their cases. Schedule a free consultation with our firm and they will analyze your THC concentration charge to give you an answer to your defense representation.

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THC Concentrates Overview

What Are THC Concentrates?

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) concentrates are a breakdown of the most valuable parts of the marijuana plant, known as cannabinoids and terpenes. The THC concentrates are put into a mixture that contains much higher concentration of THC than a regular plant naturally could. There are multiple forms in which to consume the THC concentrates such as the following:

  • Wax – One of the most common kinds of concentrates. Both oily and sticky, waxes come in many different types depending on the strain and the percentage of THC extracted.
  • Budder – A concentrate that resides somewhere in the middle between wax oils and shatter. It is a popular form of THC concentrate for its easiness of use and the powerful aromas it releases when smoked.
  • Shatter – Made with Butane Hash Oil, shatter is a hardened form of THC Concentrate more akin to glass or hard candy than any other kind of concentrate. Has some of the highest percentages of THC.
  • Crumble – Also residing somewhere in between hard and liquid, crumble is a kind of THC concentrate that resembles something like minced garlic.

Penalties for Possession of THC Concentrates

As THC concentrates are considered even more dangerous than standard marijuana, they are as a classified as penalty group 2 drug. This means that instead of following the standard penalty laws for marijuana, drug charges involving THC concentrates are more severe. Below is a table of explaining the penalties for THC concentrates possession:

             Amount          Felony Level    Jail/Prison Sentence                   Fine
      Less than 1 gram       State Jail Felony     6 months – 2 years               $10,000
           1-4 grams    Third Degree Felony             2-10 years               $10,000
          4-400 grams  Second Degree Felony             2-20 years               $10,000
          >400 grams     First Degree Felony             5-99 years               $50,000

Penalties for Delivery (or Manufacturing) of THC Concentrates

             Amount          Felony Level    Jail/Prison Sentence                   Fine
      Less than 1 gram       State Jail Felony     6 months – 2 years               $10,000
           1-4 grams    Third Degree Felony             2-10 years               $10,000
          4-400 grams  Second Degree Felony             2-20 years               $10,000
          >400 grams     First Degree Felony             10-99 years               $100,000

Attorney for THC Concentrates in Houston, TX

The possession of THC concentrates is a serious offense under Texan law, and you need to prepare with the right legal counsel if you are to get charged. The Gonzalez Law Group has worked with clients who’ve been charged with THC concentrates in the past. You can rest assured you’ll be in the rights hands with their representation.

Our firm prides itself on maintaining communication with clients on their cases and the steps to follow. When you schedule a free consultation with The Gonzalez Law Group we will analyze your case and give you an honest review.

Call The Gonzalez Law Group at (832) 530-4070 to begin today. Our firm accepts clients in any of the counties surrounding Harris County including Montgomery County, Liberty County, Parker County, Galveston County, and Brazoria County.

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