You can still suffer injuries in a low-speed collision

Most of the time, car accidents that make the news involve death or significant injuries. Take the recent case of an eight-year-old girl who suffered severe injuries due to a head-on collision that authorities attributed to distracted driving.

Plenty of car accidents occur every day around Texas, but thankfully most of them are not as extreme. They typically involve cars traveling less than 10 miles per hour. They may not make the news, but the people involved can still suffer serious injuries. Even when both cars involved were not traveling at fast speeds, the drivers and passengers may still sustain injuries.

You can still experience whiplash

Whiplash can occur even at low speeds. Going from 10 mph to zero mph can cause your head to move rapidly back and forth, striking the headrest behind you. This can injure tendons and muscles in the neck and shoulders. Unfortunately, you may not notice the symptoms until several weeks later.

It is important to see a doctor after a crash, even if you were not going that fast. Serious injuries may not immediately present themselves.

You may also suffer soft tissue injuries

There are a number of ways to suffer an injury in a car crash. The seatbelt will naturally protect you, but its restraining effect can also result in bruising around the chest. If you do not receive treatment for soft tissue injuries immediately, then it is possible you will experience pain and side effects for years to come.

There could also be damage to your car

Always get the other driver’s insurance information, even if your accident was minor. When moving at 5 mph, you may assume the collision could not have damaged your vehicle. However, even crashes at low speeds can cause serious damage to a car.

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