What You Need to Know About the Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Texas

If you ride a motorcycle in Texas, you may be curious as to whether you are required, under Texas law, to wear a helmet. While it is always best practice to simply wear a helmet for your own safety, do you have to? Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced Houston personal injury attorneys to learn more about the motorcycle helmet laws in Texas and how we can help you if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident. Here are some of the questions you may have:

Do I have to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle in Texas?

Under most circumstances, if you ride a motorcycle, you are required to wear a helmet that meets Texas’ Department of Public Safety’s standards. That being said, there are certain cases where you may not have to wear a helmet. For example, if you are over the age of 21 and have either completed an approved motorcycle operation and safety course, or if you have at least $10,000 in insurance for medical expenses incurred in a motorcycle accident, you will not have to wear a helmet.

How do I know if I have a valid personal injury claim after an accident?

If you are someone who has been injured in a motorcycle accident and is looking to file a personal injury claim, you will have to gather and present enough evidence to satisfy the burden of proof. Some of the most useful types of evidence include surveillance footage of your accident as it happened, pictures of the accident and your injuries, a copy of the police report filed at the scene of the accident, medical documents regarding your injuries, witness statements, and more.

What is the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Texas?

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you must not wait to file your personal injury claim. The statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Texas is, generally, two years, which means that generally, the wrongly injured will only have two years from the date of their accident to take legal action against the party responsible. If you wait any longer than two years, you may lose your right to sue. Our firm is here to begin the claims process today–all you have to do is give us a call.

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