What You Need to Know About Domestic Violence Charges in Texas

There are few charges more damaging to a person and his or her reputation than those involving domestic violence. Domestic violence charges can tear families apart, and if you are facing those charges, you need an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney who can help you fight them. Our firm is here. Please continue reading and reach out to The Gonzalez Law Group to learn more about domestic violence charges in Texas and what our firm can do for you. Here are some of the questions you may have:

How is domestic violence defined in Texas?

Under Texas law, domestic violence is defined as an act of violence against a member of a family or household against another member of that family or household. As long as the act is either intended to result in physical harm, or the act is a threat against another person that reasonably places that person in danger of physical harm, that person can be charged with an act of domestic violence.

What are the most common types of domestic violence in Texas?

Domestic violence comes in many shapes and sizes, though the most common domestic violence charges that our firm sees include the following:

  • Kidnapping
  • Stalking
  • Protective Order Hearings
  • Violation of Protective Order
  • Domestic Assault
  • Assault with Strangulation
  • Continuous Violence Against the Family
  • Child Abuse

If you are facing any of these charges, the stakes are very high, which is why you must contact an experienced Houston criminal defense attorney as soon as you can.

What happens if I am charged with domestic violence in Texas?

The consequences of domestic violence charges in Texas are extremely serious, however, with the right criminal defense attorney at your side, you can fight them. Without a criminal defense attorney, you are looking at anywhere from a misdemeanor charge to a felony charge. Misdemeanor charges are generally a year in prison, however, depending on the act of violence, you may even face a first-degree felony that can land you in prison for anywhere between 5 and 99 years. Rather obviously, no matter your circumstances, you cannot afford to proceed without an attorney. We are here to help protect you and your reputation–all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call.

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