What to look for in a criminal defense attorney

Finding yourself charged with a crime is quite possibly one of the most serious events you will face in your life.

It can be intimidating to understand your next steps, as well as your legal rights and obligations regarding the particular charges you face. This is one moment in life when you should seek out a strong and experienced advocate to assist you as you work your way through the criminal justice system.

When you are facing criminal charges, you will most likely seek out a criminal defense attorney to assist you. If you have never sought the help of an attorney before, you may not know how to choose from the vast array of lawyers available in this area.

By asking a few key questions, you can gather pertinent information to help you make your choice.

Professional philosophy

If you are evaluating a series of criminal defense attorneys to represent you and defend you in your case, it is important that you understand your lawyer’s professional philosophy.

Questions you can ask include:

  • How attorneys typically approach their cases
  • What their overall mission or goal is in terms of their work advocating for their clients
  • How they view their work as a criminal defense lawyer

An attorney who has a clear professional philosophy should be able to explain to you how that particular philosophy may be able to assist you in your specific case.

Local experience

Often, it can be useful to ask your potential defense attorney how long he or she has been working in your particular community. Lawyers with strong ties to the local community and many years of experience may be better equipped to handle the specifics of criminal charges that may be more prevalent in your area. Sometimes there are language barriers, and in this case, lawyers who speak Spanish, as well as English, can also be an asset.

When you are evaluating which attorney to hire for your criminal defense case, ensure that you get all your questions answered before making a final decision. If you feel comfortable with the attorney and legal team you hire, it sets the stage for a good working relationship as your case moves forward.

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