What to Know About Property Tax Assessment Appeals in Texas

It is no surprise that property taxes can substantially increase, and in some cases, unfairly. If you have questions or concerns about property tax assessment appeals in Texas, it is in your best interest to reach out to the Gonzalez Law Group, PPLC today to discuss your options with a skilled Texas property tax assessment appeals lawyer. Our legal team will help you navigate the process ahead.

How can I reduce my property value in Texas?

If your property taxes have increased unfairly, there are a number of steps you should take. The first is to retain the services of an experienced Texas property tax assessment appeals consultant who has years of background representing clients through the appeals process. Our legal team will first file the form made available to you through your appraisal district about your protesting your property tax increase. In most instances, you can file your protest within 30 days after being informed that your assessed value has been mailed to you. Once that is done, you can then obtain a record card regarding the lot and building size of your property. If there are any errors in the record card, you should have a basis for an objection.

How does the informal hearing work?

Once you file a protest, you should be informed of the date and time of your informal hearing concerning your appeal. Your hearing will typically last only 15 minutes, and it will be executed at the appraisal district office with a staff appraiser. At this time, the appraiser will either select a lower assessment or state that he cannot lower your tax assessment. Under these circumstances, the result of your informal hearing cannot be appealed through a lawsuit.

Can I appeal the informal hearing?

If you decide to go through litigation, you may appeal the determination made by the appraisal review board with the district court, however, before making your appeal, it is essential that you and your attorney evaluate all potential legal costs and potential tax savings. So long as you have an experienced Texas property tax assessment appeals consultant on your side, it is likely that you will obtain a promising product.

If you have further questions or concerns about property tax assessment appeals, do not hesitate to reach out to our firm today. Our legal team is on your side every step of the way.


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