What Steps Should I Take After Being Falsely Accused in TX?

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What should I do if I was falsely accused of a crime in Texas?

  • Recognize the gravity of the accusations. You will want to recognize the seriousness of the offenses and the potential fines that you may face as a result. Despite you knowing you are innocent, you cannot assume that the police, prosecutor, judge, or jury will see the case the same way you do. If you are serious about the charges from the beginning, you can make conclusions and take actions that will enhance the possibility of a favorable result.
  • Identify the cost of defense. Building a powerful defense to the charges can be costly in terms of the attorney fees, investigation costs, and expert witness fees that you may need to pay. Even though it can seem unjust to have to spend money to protect against false charges, you need to do everything you can to craft a strong case—your future is in danger.
  • Interfere before charges. One of the benefits of retaining the services of a lawyer while you are a suspect is that he may be able to take proactive measures that could result in never being charged with a crime. In some circumstances, he or she may be able to examine your case with the police or prosecutor and supply information that convinces them that they have the wrong individual.
  • Take no action. Sometimes, your attorney may determine that the more favorable strategy is to do nothing and see if the prosecutor even delivers the required evidence to charge you with the crime. A witness could deny his testimony or test results could help your innocence, with the result being that no charges are filed against you.
  • Gather any physical evidence and documents. If there is any physical evidence, for instance, clothing, photographs, or other objects that could help in your defense, you want to collect them right away and give them to your attorney. Collect any documentation that may help you, such as correspondence, emails, receipts, GPS data, or other information to prove where you were when the crime occurred.
  • Acquire witness contact information. You will want to make a list of possible witnesses who can provide helpful information about the incident, accusations, and the victim to provide your lawyer.


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