What Are Effective Defense Tactics in Texas Homicide Charge?

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When you are charged with any homicide offense, it can be an incredibly overwhelming and life-changing experience. As such, you must understand that you have the right to a fair trial. At your trial, you are well within your right to defend yourself. However, you should not try to do so on your own, as defending a homicide charge is an incredibly difficult task. The following blog explores the penalties you can face for this offense, what defenses may be applicable, and why you must retain the services of Houston homicide defense attorneys to represent you.

What Are the Penalties for a Homicide Charge in Texas?

In Texas, homicide charges are divided into four categories, each with its own penalties. It’s important to understand that the charges you face will depend on the circumstances surrounding the event and your intent behind the crime.

As such, you can face the following charges and subsequent penalties:

  • Murder: Five to ninety-nine years in prison
  • Capital murder: Life in prison or the death penalty
  • Manslaughter: Two to twenty years in prison
  • Criminally negligent homicide: Six months to two years in prison

Are There Any Defense Tactics I Can Utilize?

As you can see, a homicide charge can change your life. Not only can you go to prison for a very long time, but your life may be on the line. It’s imperative to understand the steps you must take to give yourself the best opportunity to protect yourself.

Working with an attorney is critical to help craft the best defense possible for your circumstances.

One of the most common defenses for these charges is that you were acting in self-defense. Texas has some of the most lenient laws when it comes to using deadly force to defend yourself from a threat. As such, if you can prove that your actions were taken because you were in reasonable fear for your life, you may be able to rely on the Stand Your Ground law that allows those faced with a threat to take action.

Another potential defense is to show that you had a lack of intent. To charge you with certain homicide charges, it must be shown that you had a clear motive and desire to take the life of the victim. If the prosecution cannot establish this, you may be able to have the charges against you reduced or dropped.

Finally, you and your attorney may be able to help craft a strong alibi for your whereabouts at the time of the murder to show that you were not able to commit the crime.

As you can see, working with an attorney to help defend you from homicide charges is critical to protecting your freedom and potentially your life. At the Gonzalez Law Group, we understand how complex these matters can be, which is why it’s in your best interest to connect with us to learn how we can assist you during these complex times.