Steps to take after a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents are extremely dangerous. The rider does not have as much protection as a motorist, but many riders do manage to walk away from these incidents with minimal injuries. Take the recent case of a Texas man who collided with an SUV and walked away with only a few scratches.

No matter how you feel directly after the motorcycle crash, there are several steps you want to take in the immediate aftermath. You want to ensure you can pay for any medical bills you receive and that you receive proper compensation, especially if someone else was ultimately negligent.

Call 911

You always want to see a doctor right after a collision. Even if your accident ends up like the example above where the man was able to walk away unharmed, you should still seek medical attention. Some conditions do not appear until weeks later, and you may not realize you sustained a traumatic brain injury, for example, until months later. At that point, it becomes difficult from a legal perspective to prove the injury was a result of the crash.

Take photos

You should take plentiful photos of the accident scene. This evidence will be tremendously helpful to your attorney. Use your phone camera, or ask someone else with a phone camera to take photos of the accident scene.

Hire a lawyer

The damage may be minimal and your injuries may not be severe, but it is always good to at least speak with a lawyer to review your options.

You may have to take time off work, and insurance companies may try to get you to settle early in the process. An attorney will discuss all your options with you, so you know exactly the best way to proceed.

Track your medical issues

After you see a doctor, you should follow his or her instructions exactly. Take any medication prescribed, and if the doctor recommends physical therapy, then make those appointments. You also want to track your symptoms to see if anything becomes worse over time. Provide all this information to your lawyer.

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  1. As you mentioned that one should call for emergency medical services immediately while in a motorcycle accident, I believe that anyone involved in it should get a lawyer. They can help identify whether a drunk driver is the cause of the accident. Also, they can help increase the chances of getting a lighter sentence during the court proceedings as well.

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