Prep Free Immigration Consults

Answering the Call to Help

When the results came in that late November night that our country’s next President would be President Trump, it left many in shock, some happy, some in total bewilderment, and others in complete panic. Here at The Gonzalez Law Group, our motto to be “Your legal team for life” isn’t just a catchy phrase; it’s a promise to be there for the most frustrating, confusing, and scariest moments in your life. And for many, a new administration that ran their campaign on anti-immigrant rhetoric was their worst nightmare come alive.

The topic of Immigration and the changes the new administration promises to bring with it has remained a prevalent topic of conversation for many in the Latino community. There are many questions, but not many safe places to go to get answers. With over 70 families coming in to ask a variety of Immigration-related questions on the morning of March 4, lawyers from the Gonzalez Law Group, along with other local lawyers, answered that call by volunteering to give free consultations to any who came through the doors of YES College Prep Southeast.

The following weeks after President Trump’s inauguration have brought a wave of new consultations to the doors of The Gonzalez Law Group of frightened people in need of help deciphering between fact and fiction. This prompted a desire to reach even more in the community who may be afraid to proactively search for answers, and so attorney Jessica Mendicutti from The Gonzalez Law Group decided to go to them.

Regardless of the President in power, and regardless of your current immigration status, every person should have a basic understanding of their rights under the U.S. Constitution and what to look out for. The National Immigration Law Center, among other such organizations, has published “Know Your Rights Fact Sheets” in case Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers show up at your door. These can be good and quick resources for general knowledge of your rights, but it is still important to consult with an experienced Immigration attorney. With many rumors circulating as to what the undocumented immigrant’s rights are, it is important to thoroughly vet any information you get on the internet. It is especially important to consult with an experienced immigration attorney before making any kind of decision or submitting any petition with Immigration.

Here at The Gonzalez Law Group, we take our role seriously in the Latino community and when there are questions to be asked, we do our best to get answers.