Handling Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claims

Hurricane Harvey has defaced our beloved city. Unfortunately, the trouble for us Houstonians is far from over. The time to rebuild starts now. Trust The Gonzalez Law Group to be with you every step of the way. Call 832-530-4070 or email us today.


– The first thing you must do is take photographs/video of all the damage to your home. Do this before starting any clean up efforts.

– Capture all aspects of your house including the foundation, siding, exterior, roof, lighting, gutters, pools, air conditioning units, pool equipment, patios, and other damaged areas of the structure of your home or building.

– Take inventory of all damaged property.

– File a claim. Call your insurance company or file a claim online.

Filing insurance claims for natural disaster destruction can be complicated and insurance companies often deny, delay or fail to make full payment for the storm damage despite their duties to their insured. Insurance companies have a duty of good faith and fair dealing as well as statutory duties codified in Chapters 541 (Unfair Methods of Competition, Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices) and 542 (Prompt Payment of Claims) of the Texas Insurance Code. Luckily, Texas laws provide recourse to hold insurance companies accountable for their “bad faith” actions and ensure that people are not taken advantage of.


– Delaying payment

– Claiming something else caused your loss

– Claiming your loss isn’t covered when it is

– Inadequate investigation of your claim

– Making up reasons for dragging their feet on paying your claim

– Dragging out the process

– Trying to get you to accept less that the full value of your claim

– Providing a lacking explanation for the denial of your claim

– Intentionally misinterpreting the language in your policy

– Telling you not to hire an attorney

– Bullying you into dropping your hurricane damage claims or claim


Section 541.152 of the Texas Insurance Code (“DAMAGES, ATTORNEY’S FEES, AND OTHER RELIEF”) states that if you win in an action under this subchapter, you may obtain: (1) the amount of actual damages, plus court costs and reasonable and necessary attorney’s fees; (2) an order enjoining the act or failure to act complained of; or (3) any other relief the court determines is proper. Additionally, if the court finds that the insurance company knowingly committed the wrongful act, the court may award an amount not to exceed three times the amount of actual damages.

Leave your property damage claims in the hands of our experienced legal team while you and your family focus your time and energy in recovering from the catastrophic hurricane.