9 Shocking Texas car accident statistics

What do car accident statistics tell us about driving in Texas? Is Texas a safe place to drive?

Here are some Texas car accidents statistics, based on 2015 data from the Texas Department of Transportation:

  • Number of crashes: There were a total of 13,616 serious injury accidents in Texas in 2015.
  • Number of injuries: A total of 246,335 people suffered some type of injury in a traffic accident; 17,011 people were seriously injured in a traffic accident.
  • Number of fatalities: A total of 807 people were killed in traffic accidents.
  • Deadliest driving month: October saw the most traffic-related fatalities, with 356 people killed.
  • Location of fatal crashes: Of all traffic-related fatalities in Texas in 2015, 54.52 percent occurred in rural areas.
  • Multiple fatality crashes: There were four crashes in 2015 that resulted in six or more fatalities.
  • Motorcyclist fatalities: There were 459 motorcyclists killed in accidents. Of those, 52 percent were not wearing helmets.
  • Pedestrian fatalities: There were 550 pedestrians (bikers, walkers, runners, etc.) killed in traffic-related accidents.
  • Distracted driving-related fatalities: There were 476 people killed in car accidents involving distracted driving.

Are there any lessons to be learned from these statistics? We all can do more to help make our roads safer: Obeying traffic laws, eliminating distractions, and paying attention can go a long way to preventing traffic accidents.

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