Workplace Accidents

Accidents in the workplace range from simple slip and falls to major plant explosions. When these accidents occur, your injuries require you to take time off from work. Time off work is money lost. In addition to dealing with the pain and suffering there are medical bills that pile up in an instance. The attorneys at The Gonzalez Law Group understand how on the job accidents can turn your life upside down. We are here to help take the burden off your shoulders.

There are many types of work place injuries and they all have different legal aspects and issues that must be accounted for. Whether you are an employee or an independent contractor will often determine not only what type of insurance coverage applies, but also what duties are owed to you.

Some of the reasons behind these accidents are wide-ranging, including:

  • Failure to provide fall protection for workers on construction sites, buildings, lifts and other heights
  • Industrial accidents and explosions
  • Failure to properly train accidents
  • Accidents caused by failure to conduct safety inspections
  • Accidents due to negligent hiring or negligent retention of employees
  • Construction site accidents
  • Failure to provide safety goggles

As a general rule, your employer has a duty under Texas common law to keep the workplace safe and free from accidental injuries. This includes a duty to provide the right equipment and safety equipment to get the job done safely. In addition to the state regulation of workplace injuries, Federal organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration impose standards upon employers to provide a safe workplace to employees. All of these laws and regulations must be taken into account when looking at an employer's liability for an on the job injury in Texas.