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Gonzalez Law Group – Family Law Team

Legal affairs relating to family matters is a complicated process. Our experienced Houston family law attorneys are prepared to assist you with issues such as divorce, child custody, adoption, and other family law-related cases.


When most potential clients come into my office, they’re very stressed over the legal issue that has come up in their lives that they are seeking help with. Divorce, the family is going to be separated. There’s are a lot of tears that are shed at my law office. We do our best to keep the children in mind because the children they didn’t ask for this and now they’re not going to be able to have their parents together. We want to turn those hurt and stressful tears into happy tears when the situation is over. I finalized the divorce with my ex-wife after years of stress and no response from her, no response from my current divorce lawyer. I came to Gonzalez Law Group to get her to comply with the terms of our divorce. Gonzalez Law Group stepped in and in no time she was made to comply with the terms of the divorce as well as her pay for my legal fees. So Gonzalez Law Group did me things that no other lawyer in town could do. I would definitely recommend The Gonzalez Law Group to anyone that’s needing legal action. They’re truly your legal team for life. Nothing makes me happier when I meet somebody for the first time and they’re emotional and then when the work is complete when they’re hugging me and they’re shedding tears of joy. That makes it all worth it for me. That’s what gets me and my lawyers out of bed in the morning. We understand especially me and my personal life. It was a family law situation dealing with the separation from me and my oldest son’s mom that led me to be a lawyer. So I understand because I’ve gone through it and so I can relate to them even more. When we represent the client we are doing it to the best of our ability and that’s what we ask of our employees, our lawyers, our paralegals, our receptionist. We’re here to watch out for you. We’re trying to help them so that they can get on with their life the best way possible. I also love the team aspect. We’re always helping each other. We’re always covering each other’s backs. There’s always someone to rely on, to depend on. We always try to bring out the best in each other. We all take our model seriously “Your Legal Team for Life” and I want to earn the right to be someones legal team for the rest of their life.


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