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Gonzalez Law Group – Criminal Defense Team

At The Gonzalez Law Group, PLLC, our criminal defense lawyers will fight to protect your rights. Time is of the essence during a criminal defense case, so our attorneys will aggressively defend clients accused of various criminal offenses. Our criminal defense department handles a variety of cases such as DWI, family violence, marijuana, violent crimes, and others. Request your free consultation today.



Criminal defense law at The Gonzalez Law Group is one of the cornerstone departments of our firm. My father, Ricardo Gonzalez, has been practicing for almost 35 years strictly with criminal defense.

I became very successful at defending clients and winning a lot of cases so that’s what I’ve been doing exclusively criminal defense.

We know the system. We know how to help people. We know how to fight the state. We will go to work and we will fight for everybody.

We hold the responsibility of protecting people’s rights. We are their last hope. We are their defense between them and the state of Texas. It is our job to help them out.

So, I was driving to Brownsville to go see my family and I got pulled over by a state trooper. I had aggravated assault for family violence and they told me I had a warrant. So, I had to be arrested. So, we found The Gonzalez Law Group because a friend of mine called and told them the situation. The Gonzalez Law Group helped me along in the process. Everything was great. Everything was dismissed and I was very happy and relieved about it.

You’re helping people that have real problems. We tend to forget but everybody in one way or another commits a crime. When we’re speeding we’re committing crimes. They’re small crimes of course. We make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. When you do criminal law, you’re helping people try to correct those mistakes and get a second chance.

When my brother actually called me from jail, you can tell he was worried. He was anxious. He wanted to get out. We got recommended to The Gonzalez Law Group. So I was like ” I gotta give Gonzalez a try” and I did. I liked the way everything was handled. I liked when I’d call they were like right away. They scheduled me an appointment and everything. At the end of the process, we won. Not guilty. He was able to prove my brothers innocence. They handled everything amazingly. They know what they’re doing. I liked everything about it. Hands down recommend the Gonzalez Law Group ever since this ordeal happened. Hands down by far one of the best.

When somebody comes to us its because they really need help. We’re trying to help them so that they can get on with their life the best way possible.

One of the great things about our law firm is this: we hire excellent people, we look for someone who is going to be a go-getter, we look for someone that’s willing to work hard and the ability to be able to convey to our clients: Look you came to us. You made a right choice coming to us because we’re here to watch out for you.

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