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Immigration Testimonials

The service I received from the immigration lawyers was very good. We had to open my son’s case with the immigration court, and we had a time limit to do so. The Immigration Lawyers of the Gonzalez Law Group acted quickly and for me that is a great achievement. I am very grateful to the immigration lawyers. This is a beginning of a great achievement and I think that’s how we’re going to follow.

Doris C.

The Gonzalez Legal Group is currently working on my request for provisional pardon. I am satisfied with the representation that I have been given. The Gonzalez Legal Group has always been willing to help me when I have questions or doubts about my case.

Ricardo V.

I am very satisfied with the job the attorneys are doing on my immigration case. Excellent customer service every time I speak to them. They call me to let me know what’s going on with my case and always keep my up to date. I was also very happy with the advice I got from the attorney I spoke to about my car accident. Very good service.

Ashraf A.

Mr. Angel Rivera and the Gonzalez Law Group helped me get a bond with the immigration court. I arrived in the US with a injury and was placed in a Hospital in Harligen without any communication with my family. Mr. Rivera went to Harligen and came to visit me at the Hospital showing me commitment and dedication on his work. Mr. Rivera answered all my questions and guide me through my immigration process. He was able to get me a bond and now he is representing me on my asylum case. I highly recommend Mr. Angel Rivera and the Gonzalez Law Group in your immigration representation. Happy client!

Ana M.

The immigration department helped me to solve my problem. They have paid close attention to my case. They tried to help me in what was most possible. Always in communication. I am very grateful. The service is top notch.

Fabian G.

I am grateful for the service given to me by the immigration lawyers of the Gonzalez Law Group. They have helped me and I am waiting for the answer of my case.

Ramona B.

The Gonzalez Law Group and its immigration lawyers have been a great help to us. We are very satisfied with attorneys Angel Rivera and Jessica Mendicutti. Attorney Angel and Jessica gave me flexibility with payments. We will continue to use the services of Gonzalez Law Group and have referred other people.

Josue B.

They helped me by explaining everything very well. I am satisfied with the way that someone is always available to answer all my questions. I have recommended their services to even my own family.

Ezequiel C.

I had a lawyer before I hired Mr. Angel Rivera, my brother Amilcar told me about Mr. Rivera and I thank Mr. Angel Rivera very much for handling my case. I appreciate everything you’re doing for us and I really appreciate your professionalism.

Angela F.

Very, very happy with the service of the immigration department. Very punctual and a lot of professionalism and that is why I have returned for several other services. I have already recommended them to many more people because I am really happy with their services and how they have treated me. The receptionists have always been very friendly and respectful and very professional. The immigration department is always well prepared to take care of me and my case. Thanks for your service.

Maria E.

Y’all have been really good and explained our DACA application and overall Immigration process really well. Compared to any other lawyers that I went to, you have explained the process the best and in the most detail and are always available to answer any of our questions. I’m very satisfied with the progress of my wife’s case.

David H.

I am pleased with the services that you provide and how in depth you have been with my Immigration application process. I wouldn’t have been able to it by myself. Things have been processed in due time and according to the way that you told me from the beginning. I like that there is more than 1 person on my case and that there is a team who can double check my case and make sure that everything is done the right way the first time. I am very satisfied with how my case has been handled.

Kimberly W.

I am satisfied with the services provided by the Gonzalez Law Group, especially with attorney Angel Rivera. When I arrived in this country I did not know what to do and he helped calm the worries I had. Fortunately, the immigration group has satisfied my need and requirement and everything has gone well with the court settings.

Angel V.

Immigration lawyers are helping me with my N-400 application. I am very happy with the services they have provided me and now I have referred other people to take advantage of their immigration services.

Sonia D.

I highly recommend The Gonzalez Law Group and their immigration department. Great client service. They answer any questions immediately. They are very friendly and they are always ahead of the game. Great experience!

Yesenia S.

I like the service provided by The Gonzalez Law Group’s Immigration Department. All of my calls, emails and questions were promptly answered. My case was quickly processed and the immigration departments’ attorneys and paralegals were very professional.

Yohana M.

A couple reasons why:

  • Very detail oriented
  • Quality service
  • Professional

I would definitely use their service again, and recommend it to someone else. Jessica Ramos kept me up to track on everything that was going on, they keep up with every detail, and provide great service. Was also very consistent with the paperwork.

Jessica was very thorough, along with making sure that everything went smoothly. But at the same time she took the liberty to answer any questions I had.

The group was tremendously amiable, in addition to being very patient, and understanding. When I first arrived Angel, and Jessica Ramos asked me a few general questions, then explained everything in great detail, plus making your I understood how the case procedure would go. Which made me feel very confident that they were the right Law group to go to.

Overall they have a great team, who is very professional, responsible, and most importantly trustworthy. They take great care with making sure to keep up with every detail of the paper work, so everything goes smoothly. Along with keeping you posted on everything that is going on, I would definitely recommend the Gonzalez law group.

Brandon M.

Mr. Angel Rivera and The Gonzalez Law Group were referred to me by my daughter, who had previously hired their immigration legal services.

Mr. Rivera requested my FOIA in order to have my immigration records and discuss the options in my case. Mr. Rivera was very professional, he answered all my questions.

I highly recommend the Gonzalez Law Group for your immigration case.

Jose A.

I’m very pleased with the legal services provided by Attorney Angel Rivera. Mr. Rivera and his immigration department were an essential part in my husband Legal Permanent Residency process. They guide us and answered all our questions until my husband received his Legal Permanent Residency Card. We are very happy with our experience at The Gonzalez Law Group, specifically the Immigration Department!

Miguel H. & Melissa H.

I am very happy with the service, the people especially Jessica Ramos, is very friendly and I like that I have already recommended to several people. I am very happy and they are very kind.

Mirna M.

I recently moved to Houston and I had a pending immigration case in North Carolina. I met with attorney Angel Rivera and he explained to me the process of changing of venue from North Carolina to Texas. Mr. Rivera successfully changed my court to Texas and now we are waiting for our new court date.

I highly recommend Immigration attorney Angel Rivera and the Gonzalez Law Group.

Yessica M.

An excellent immigration team worked on my family petition, I-130. Anytime I have questions or doubts, they are always available to give me quick answers. I recommend this group of lawyers because they know what they are doing and explain the process very well and clearly.

Ismael G.

I lost all of my immigration records and some arrests that I didn’t remember the court disposition. I met with immigration attorney Angel Rivera and he explained to me how we could get my Immigration records with a FOIA and my FBI Fingerprints.

In four months I was able to the resolution on both request. Mr. Rivera explained to me my options and what I could or could not do in my immigration case.

Highly recommend immigration Attorney Angel Rivera and The Gonzalez Law Group.

Santa B.

Great service and are always on top of things. You always keep me updated on my Immigration case and always have answers for whatever questions I have. Great customer service from the paralegals and attorneys. Great service all around!

Joaquin M.

I was facing deportation as Legal Permanent Resident after 38 years living in the United States because of my criminal convictions. It was one or the scariest experience I have ever lived. I was about to leave my family and start a new life in El Salvador.

However, immigration Attorney Angel Rivera was completely committed to protect and safeguard my immigration rights.

Mr. Rivera, successfully won my Cancellation of Removal for Permanent Resident case (42a) and now I am in process of Naturalizing.

I’m more than grateful with attorney Angel Rivera and the Gonzalez Law Group Immigration Department.

Ronald M.

You guys have always been very helpful and return our calls as soon as you can and we’ve gotten great service from you guys. Everything has been very explanatory and simple to understand every step and process of my Immigration case and family petition with my wife.

Benjamin R.

When I first got to The Gonzalez Law Group, I was dealing with a request for evidence case regarding a I-360, The abused spouse of a U.S. citizen form. When I went to the office I didn’t believe that we were going to be able to get my petition approved since we had 25 days to reply.

However, Immigration attorney Angel Rivera went above and beyond to fight for my rights. We were able to get my petition approved and very grateful that I will be able to adjust status in the future. I highly recommend the Gonzalez Law Group Immigration Department!!!

Cheik T.

I love the service they have given me for my husband’s delicate immigration case. I love the personalities of lawyers. They’re the best lawyers I’ve ever seen.

Cindy R.

They were very kind and told me things straight and honestly for my Immigration case.

Andreina R.

My wife was detained by ICE in a Immigration detention facility in Texas, however I live in Iowa. Immigration attorney Angel Rivera performed his duties with dedication and integrity. He was able to get a bond and later on change my wife court from Texas to Omaha, Nebraska. Me and my wife Rosa Eduvijes without hesitation recommend the legal services provided by Immigration attorney Angel Rivera and the great customer services provided by The Gonzalez Law Group Immigration department.

David M.

Immigration Attorney Angel Rivera prepped me for my credible fear interview appeal before an Immigration Judge in San Antonio. Mr. Rivera listened and answered all the questions I had for him. Finally, we were able to overturn the credible fear interview and I was release on my own recognizance. Great Immigration team, highly recommend it!

Fatima Z.

Attorney Angel Rivera helped me when I felt hopeless. I was detained by ICE because I had 5 DWI. Attorney Rivera always told me not to lose my hope and that he was going to do everything in his power to get me out on bond. He was able to get me out on bond and reunite me with my family. I’m very grateful with the Gonzalez Law Group, attorney Angel Rivera and his assistant Lucero Samperio.

Valentin D.

I was very satisfied with the legal services provided by The Gonzalez Law Group’s immigration department. After my wife was detained for several months. Mr. Rivera was able to fight our case and win our Cancellation 42A case. Now we are happily re-united as a family. The attorney did a good job litigating in court. The immigration paralegals also helped in answering all my questions and being very professional at all times.

Jesse W.

I have decided to open a case with The Gonzalez Law Group’s immigration department because since the day I spoke with Mr. Angel Rivera I knew it was the correct choice. Before making my decision, I spoke with others that didn’t want my case. Unlike them, Mr. Rivera and the staff have been more than kind, helpful and I believe I made the correct choice.

Mayra F.

The Immigration lawyers and their assistants helped me with my I-601. I am very satisfied with the work that was done in my case. The Immigration lawyers and their assistants worked diligently on my case. They always maintained good communication with me and kept me updated on the status of my case. Thanks to Gonzalez Law Group for achieving a favorable result in my case. I am extremely grateful.

Cesar R.

Very professional working with my immigration case! They work fast and always have answers to all my questions and always keep me updated. Very good immigration team!

Guillermo A.


Fully satisfied client! Mr. Rivera advised me regarding renewing my expired legal permanent resident card. From the first day we met he guided me and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend The Gonzalez Law Group and Mr. Angel Rivera because they don’t make you feel like your typical client – they made me feel part of the Gonzalez Law Group family!!!

David M.