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Criminal Defense Testimonials

My name is Mario and I am a former client of Kevin Acevedo. A couple of months ago I was involved in a situation that I thought I was never going to escape. I’ve never been involved in something like what I went through; but I owe Kevin Acevedo an infinite thank you for taking the weight off my shoulders. His dedication for fighting cases is extraordinary. Thanks to him my case was dismissed and am now free of any worries. If you’re looking for a true fighter I recommend Kevin Acevedo.

Mario C.

I had a great experience, they helped me get out of jail and for the most part they made a bad experience bearable. I appreciate all the efforts they put into my case.

Araza I.

To begin with, the way I was greeted walking through the door made me feel very comfortable. Kevin is a very efficient lawyer and criminal law expert. His assistant, Samantha, was very professional and treated me very well. My experience with your work in my criminal case was remarkable and I would recommend it to anyone who has a case. Perfect job Mr. Acevedo!

Sanson G.

In general, Attorney Acevedo and his team did a good job in my criminal cases.

G. M.

The service I received from Gonzalez Law Group, specifically from Attorney Kevin Acevedo, was perfect. There are very few lawyers like him. I was amazed with his work and highly recommend it, he is a really nice person. The case of assault charged to me by falsehoods was dismissed. I recommend Mr. Acevedo’s services to anyone who needs a criminal lawyer.

Vicente M.

Almost a year ago I lived one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life. On the way to work a special day in the same, I was involved in an accident. My car was total loss. It had been a short time since I had moved to this city and country. At the time of the accident I was stunned, having no experience and not knowing the language well or how to defend myself I was as guilty before the law. The other party involved in the accident began calling me, stalking me and seeking to intimidate me to get money from me. He threatened and mocked me. Mr. Kevín Acevedo took my case and represented me. From the first moment he heard my testimony, I felt the emotional and legal support I needed at that time, and I experienced the commitment and dedication to working with my situation. Thank you, Kevín Acevedo and González Law group, for helping me through the most difficult and unpleasant moments of my life, offering your services of excellence and providing me with the necessary help to obtain a positive result in the face of this nightmare.

Susana L.

Attorney Kevin Acevedo is an incredible lawyer and person. He was always very attentive to my case. I recommend him to my friends and family because he provides great customer service and great attention to detail for each case.


The representation of the lawyer was very good. The case was delayed but overall, we had a great result. My husband’s DWI case was completely dismissed and he did not have to pay anything at all.

M. P.

I just want to start by saying thank you to the Gonzalez Law Group. When I first walked in the office I was bit scared, but my lawyer Kevin Acevedo and his staff made me feel right at home. They really helped and explained every single detail of my case not only that but they went above and beyond knowing that my case was not here in Houston, knowing that my case was not in Harris County, but in Jefferson County. I am very pleased of the outcome of this case and I will totally recommend the Gonzalez Law Group.

Jorge M.

I really liked how I was represented by Attorney Acevedo. If I were to go through another criminal case I would consult with him first. I recommend him!

O. E.


Mr. Kevin Acevedo and Mr. Gonzales put in their best efforts for their clients. I was so upset I was going to jail I had an open warrant a whole bunch of allegations for why probation violated me, but with the Gonzales Law Group it all ended. I’m glad to say they do hard work in helping their clients very professional. Very well known and will get the job done. Thank you Kevin and Mr. Gonzales for getting everything dismissed !!! Y’all are the best

Marina O.


Had probably one of the most ridiculous cases out there. My word against a cop’s, talk about one sided. Marco and his team helped me dodge 18 months of probation to a defensive driving course. Really trustworthy people that can be relied on. I put my hopes on them and came out happy with the results. Just reach out and they got you covered for any type of legal problem

Jose L.


I was falsely accused by someone of assault, and I was very worried I would have to go to jail for something I did not do. The lawyers really worked aggressively with my case and convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the charges. Now they are going to help me to get an expunction to clean my record forever! This is a great law firm, and the lawyers are aggressive, honest and very responsible! J.R.!