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ITC Fire Lawsuits

WARNING: Filing a claim with ITC will cause you to forfeit the right to sue ITC for any and all damages and injuries even if they are not yet discovered.

A chemical fire broke out in Deer Park on March 17, 2019, that went un-contained for four days. In those four days, plumes of black smoke sat over the entire city of Houston and the chemical benzene reached unsafe levels in the air, forcing city officials to order Deer Park and Galena Park residents to shelter in place. The efforts to stop the fire also may have caused the chemical to seep into the water supply.

Tens of thousands of people were affected by the fire. Many people and their pets became ill from the smoke, fire, and carcinogenic chemicals that were released into the atmosphere. Thousands of people were forced to close their businesses or were unable to go to work due to the inferno that consumed nine chemical tanks. Properties all over Deer Park and Galena park have been damaged from the smoke and fallout.

If you have been affected by the fire at the ITC facility, DO NOT FILE A CLAIM WITH ITC. By filing a claim with ITC you will waive your right to be compensated fairly for your damages. ITC is solely responsible for the damages and injuries they caused. Fill out the form below to start the process to recover for your injuries. We will reach out to you as soon as possible to discuss your case.

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