Fernando M. Correa-Juliá

Trial Attorney

The Gonzalez Law Group, PLLC

Fernando M. Correa-Juliá

Fernando M. Correa-Juliá is an Immigration Attorney at The Gonzalez Law Group. He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico where he attended Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola high school. After graduating, Mr. Correa-Juliá entered the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Labor Relations and a Curricular Sequence in Cooperativism, graduating with Honors. After completing his Baccalaureate studies, he entered the Faculty of Law of the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, graduating with a Laude average.

During his studies in law school, Mr. Correa-Juliá worked with various law firms in the metropolitan area as a legal assistant in the preparation of briefs at both the level of the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico. One of his great findings was in the collaboration and research for the preparation of the plea in the case of Correa Márquez v. Juliá Rodríguez, 2017 T.S.P.R. 98 (2017), which set a precedent on family law and ex-spouse pensions.

Mr. Correa-Juliá has been admitted to practice law before the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico since 2018. During his years of practice as a lawyer, he participated in civil and criminal litigation at both the state and federal levels before the Federal Court for the District of Puerto Rico, of high public interest and great complexity. Mr. Correa-Juliá was hired by prestigious law firms in Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas to provide legal advisory and consulting services in various fields including immigration law. Among these firms are Joel Orta Law Firm P.L.L.C. and Prado, Nuñez & Asociados, P.S.C. d/b/a Prado Law, owned by the distinguished graduate Edwin J. Prado Galarza, Esq., noted for dealing with matters of complex litigation, public figures and lawsuits of high public interest.


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