What Are the Consequences of a Criminal Record in Texas?


Unfortunately, obtaining a criminal record has consequences beyond serving time in jail or paying fines. If you are facing the consequences of a criminal record in Texas, continue reading and give our skilled Houston criminal defense attorneys a call today. We are on your side no matter what you are facing. Here are some questions that you may have:

What are the long-term effects of having a criminal record in the state of Texas?

Once you have served your time and have paid your fines, it is highly likely that you will encounter the consequences of your criminal conviction. With a criminal record, your life will be affected in a number of different ways. Some of the most common ways include the following:

  • If you are applying for a job, you will have to answer “yes” if you are asked if you have ever been convicted of a crime. This can make it more difficult to secure a job.
  • You will be registered as a sex offender if you have been charged with a sex crime, which notifies the public of your offense and location at all times.
  • If you were charged with a DUI, you will most likely be unable to acquire a commercial driver’s license.
  • Criminal convictions can also deter an individual from the opportunity to work in certain government positions.
  • If you are a divorced parent, having a criminal record may impact your child custody agreement in order to protect the best interests of the child.
  • Specific criminal convictions can meddle with the power to take out certain loans.
  • When trying to rent a property, landlords will typically do a background check and will be less likely to permit an individual with a criminal record to live on their property.

If you have questions or concerns about the consequences of a criminal record, or would simply like to learn more about your scenario and options, give our legal team a call today.

Can my criminal record be cleared in Texas?

It is important to recognize that in the state of Texas, there are specific crimes that can be entitled to expungement in Texas. Some of the crimes that may qualify for expungement include the following:

  • You were the victim of identity theft.
  • You were arrested but never charged.
  • The charges brought against you were eventually dismissed.
  • You were found not guilty in a trial.

If you believe you qualify for expungement, do not hesitate to give the Gonzalez Law Group a call today to speak with one of our experienced attorneys about your situation and the best solution for you. Our committed legal team is ready to help you through this stressful period. We are just one call away.