What to Know About Product Liability Claims in Texas

While consumers may expect that every product they purchase is safe to use, that is not always the case. If you were injured by a defective product, you may have a valid product liability claim. Contact our experienced Texas personal injury attorneys at the Gonazalez Law Group to learn more…
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Elevator Accidents in Texas | What to Know

In almost any building with multiple floors, you will find an elevator. Elevators are a normal part of our everyday lives. For this reason, we don't normally think of the dangers associated with elevators. Unfortunately, elevator accidents can cause serious injuries. Read on to learn more. What are the Most…
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What You Should Know About Product Liability Lawsuits in Texas

Oftentimes, when someone is injured due to a defective product, they don't know where to turn. Pursuing legal action against a giant corporation can seem like an uphill battle that's impossible to win. This is untrue. Our experienced Texas personal injury attorneys have helped countless individuals through product liability lawsuits…
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What You Should Know About Heavy Equipment Accidents in Texas

Few members of our society work harder than construction workers, though unfortunately, despite all their hard work, they are frequently exposed to a wide array of dangers every single day. Construction workers oftentimes use heavy equipment, and when this equipment is either defective or supervisors do not ensure that this…
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What You Need to Know About Product Liability Lawsuits in Texas

Living in America comes with its privileges, and one of those privileges is having access to some of the world's greatest inventions designed to make our lives easier. Unfortunately, there are times where products can become very dangerous if improperly designed or manufactured, and if you have been injured due…
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FDA Releases New Temporary Food Labeling Guidelines

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all, causing us to change our way of life for the foreseeable future. Recently, as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, the FDA has released new guidance for food labeling here in the United States, which essentially gives more flexibility to food producers when…
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