Fourth of July DWIs in Texas | What You Need to Know

If you were pulled over for driving while intoxicated over the Fourth of July weekend, you may face serious penalties. Read on to learn more about DWIs in Texas. What are the Penalties For a First-Offense DWI in Texas? Many people believe that they will not face serious consequences for…
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Credit Card Fraud in Texas | What You Need to Know

Credit card fraud is a very common crime. Because these crimes are not often violent in nature, people tend to think they are less serious than other crimes. But, in Texas, credit card fraud can carry heavy penalties. Read on to learn more. What Constitutes Credit Card Fraud in Texas?…
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Civil Asset Forfeiture in Texas | What to Know

Civil asset forfeiture refers to the process that allows law enforcement offers to seize certain property that they believe was involved in criminal activity. This can have serious repercussions for those who have had their property wrongly seized. Read on to learn more about civil asset forfeiture in Texas and…
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What to Know About Cybercrimes in Texas

As technology advances, crime follows. As a result, cybercrimes are becoming more and more common. These crimes are taken very seriously in Texas. As a result, you should know what these crimes entail and the penalties they carry. If you are facing charges for cybercrime in Texas, you should reach…
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What to Know About White-Collar Crimes in Texas

When people think of crimes, they often think of things that involve violence. For this reason, people do not often recognize the severity of white-collar crimes. While white-collar crimes are often non-violent, they can cause serious damage and have harsh repercussions. Another common misconception is that only high-profile individuals are…
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