Protecting your child from heavy furniture and appliances

A few weeks ago, a young girl died when a wall mirror at a Payless ShoeSource store fell on top of her. This tragic incident illustrated the dangers of heavy objects insecurely mounted on walls or within the reach of young children, where they may fall on top of them. It is crucial for you and other Texas parents to understand the ways in which to protect your children from heavy objects in your home.

Every 45 minutes across the country, a child visits a hospital emergency room because of a television set toppling over on him or her. Large screen TVs are just one of the heavy object dangers that your child can encounter in a home setting.

How to reduce the hazards in your house

Walk around your home and consider your furnishings from a child’s point of view.

  • Are there interesting but heavy objects, such as vases or computer monitors, placed on low tables or dressers?
  • Is a cabinet or side table easily tipped?
  • Do you have heavy kitchen appliances within your child’s reach on the counter or overhanging cords that invite curious tugging?

Make sure appliances and cords are well out of reach. Secure bulky objects such as your television set or a tall dresser to the wall with brackets so a child cannot pull them over. Make sure to solidly attach heavy mirrors and picture frames to the walls.

Furniture dangers presented elsewhere

If your child attends daycare or preschool or goes to a friend’s home for play dates, take a look at the furnishings within reach of young children and ask if the owner has properly secured the objects. The momentary awkwardness is worth it to ensure your child is safe at someone else’s property.

If your child suffered an injury because of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to seek compensation.

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