Name Change

A name change may be done while going through a divorce. First, a request for a name change must be pled in a Petition for Divorce filed with the court. Second, the Final Decree of Divorce must be approved with the new name. The court is likely to approve a decree changing the name of a party requesting it to go back to a name used prior to the marriage. The court may deny a change of name if the person is seeking a name change to avoid criminal prosecution or debts owed to third parties.

A change of name of an adult may be requested as a separate, independent process. The petition to change your name must be verified, meaning that it must be signed in the presence of a notary. Moreover, you must disclose such information as:

  • Present name
  • Place of residence
  • Reason for the change of name
  • Whether you have been convicted of a felony
  • Whether you are registered as a sex offender

You must also provide a complete set of your fingerprints to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

There are additional requirements for the name change for a child. Both parents must agree to legally change a child's name. If an agreement is not reached, you must give notice of the lawsuit to the other parent, managing conservator or guardian of the child. The person requesting the name change must show it is in the best interest of the child in a contested hearing. If you are considering a change of name, please call to set up a consultation at 832-530-4070.

Important Things To Consider After You Change Your Name

It is recommend that you purchase a certified copy of your Final Decree of Divorce or Order and notify government agencies and third parties. You will also need to consider updating your information on important documents. For example, on your:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Social Security card
  3. Driver's license
  4. Passport
  5. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) documentation
  6. Voter registration card
  7. Insurance company documentation
  8. Credit reports
  9. Utility companies' invoicing

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