Contract Attorney In Houston

If you are entering into written contracts without advice from an experienced attorney, or oral contracts based on the proverbial "handshake," you may be gambling with the future of your business. Such agreements are likely to have significant gaps or ambiguities about important contractual terms, and these ambiguities may lead to costly and bitter disputes between the parties who will try to demonstrate that their interpretation of the contract should be accepted by the court.

At The Gonzalez Law Group, our attorneys work hard to educate our clients about the opportunities and risks of each contract, and when a contractual disagreement cannot be resolved, we guide our clients through the process of pursuing or defending breach of contract claims.

At The Gonzalez Law Group, our attorneys assist with the following:

  • Contract drafting: When drafting a contract, we will receive input from both parties and strive to write a contract that meets the needs of our client.
  • Contract review: Our lawyers can review a contract for inconsistencies and unacceptable clauses before you accept it.
  • Contract negotiation: We can negotiate the terms of a contract to assure your interests are protected.
  • Contract litigation: In additional to negotiation, we litigate breach of contract issues and other contract dispute matters.

A solid contract can make the difference between successful business dealings and ones troubled by disagreements and misunderstandings. It is essential to have a contract free of loopholes, ambiguous language and hidden clauses. At The Gonzalez Law Group, our attorneys understand the importance of contracts in all types of business ventures:

  • Breach of good faith
  • Business Formation
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Construction contracts
  • General business contracts
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Partnership contracts
  • Promissory notes
  • Purchase/sale agreements
  • Service agreements
  • Settlement agreements
  • Vendor contracts

Review, Negotiation And Drafting

Contracts are as essential to a business as gasoline is to a car. A poorly written contract can stop your business from running smoothly. Understanding your rights and obligations under a contract, as well as the options available in case of a breach, are essential for protecting your interests.

If you are unsure of whether a contract is in your best interest, our attorneys can explain the terms and conditions involved and how it could impact your business, bargaining power, and ability to seek damages in case of a breach. Sometimes, it is not what is written in the contract that is critical, but what needs to be added to the contract to protect you. Let our knowledgeable and responsive attorneys help sort out the legalese of your agreements and ensure that your interests are protected and your liabilities limited. Se habla español.

Breach Of Contract

When two or more parties enter into a contractual agreement, they are obligated to act in accordance with the intent of the contract. A breach of contract occurs when one of the parties involved fails to carry out his or her obligations. Although each case will vary depending on the specifics of the contract, a breach of contract generally takes place when:

  • A party fails to perform its duties within the time period specified in the contract
  • A party does not perform its duties to the level of performance promised
  • One party makes it impossible for the other to perform its duties
  • A party does not perform its duties at all

Under contract law, the breach of contract can be categorized as material or immaterial, depending on the type of damages the at-fault party has caused. A material or total breach occurs when the duty not performed is so essential that the main purpose of the contract cannot be fulfilled. An immaterial, or partial, breach occurs when the majority of the duties specified in the contract have been performed. You can seek damages after a partial breach, but you may still have to fulfill your part of the contract.

Breach of contract is a serious business dispute that can adversely affect the success of your company. At The Gonzalez Law Group, our attorneys will make the legal process as simple and straightforward as possible so that you can continue to focus on your business concerns.