Civil Litigation

The Gonzalez Law Group offers clients an experienced litigation team of attorneys to represent them in civil cases. Representation by a knowledgeable team of attorneys is an important factor in the success of a claim. Retaining a skilled attorney is important to obtaining financial compensation. Our attorneys provide outstanding legal representation in a variety of legal practice areas:

Landlord-tenant — We represent both landlords and tenants in commercial and residential lease disputes, including, but not limited to, evictions, breach of lease, retaliation, early lease termination, and return of deposits.

Real estate — If you have a real estate transaction pending, or if you are in a real estate dispute, our attorneys can help you.

Construction litigation — Commercial and residential construction is fundamental to economic growth. When construction stalls because of contract disputes, permitting issues and delayed or substandard performance, it has a dampening effect on economic prospects. If your project is idled, you want legal support to identify the problem, demand accountability and facilitate a resumption of the work for which you've contracted. Our attorneys aggressively advocate for the rights of owners, contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, and developers in disputes over construction projects, offering creative solutions to get those projects back on track.

Contracts — A solid contract can make the difference between successful business dealings and ones troubled by disagreements and misunderstandings. It is essential to have a contract free of loopholes, ambiguous language and hidden clauses. Additionally, one of the many threats any business faces are breaches of contract. Matters involving a breach of contract can happen in an infinite number of ways, all resulting in losses to the business. Our attorneys effectively draft, review, and negotiate the terms of contracts, and when necessary, aggressively litigate contract breaches and disputes.

Consumer/DTPA litigation — The Deceptive Trade Practices Act ("DTPA") is a Texas law that was created to protect consumers and businesses with less than $25 million in assets from having to pay for goods or services of an unacceptable level of quality. By using the DTPA, you can recover additional damages. This is a crucial advantage that the law provides, but the statute of limitations is only two years. This requires you to pursue legal representation quickly. Our attorneys will work tirelessly to protect your rights and recover a full, fair and just award. Se habla español.